Phoenix-Shin provides a complete set of design and construction services for both individuals and organizations. Our activities include design, capital construction as well as renovation of the building. We put through the full path from designing and estimating the calculations to completing the construction.

After 10 years of construction experience, experienced workers and engineering staff are our main contractor and subcontractor. We provide all the necessary equipment for the construction, templates, tools and other construction materials as per the inspectors company. We provide unique approaches and a unique collection of construction services for each customer.
Turning to our company you can save your precious time, mental and physical abilities and receive qualitative and convenient services in construction industry.

We design your interior to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment which represent your individual taste and habits. We do all kinds of constructions, work with individuals, large and small companies, build all variety of buildings from small cottages to big industrial centers. We have the largest background in architecture in Armenia. Numerous projects, happy clients and approaches which have never been applied in Armenia before that are with the best approach given by company, visit our website to know more about the projects. Refer to our projects as they speak instead of us.

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